ThistleClan's territory lies in the server Sawtooth. We own the lands Serapia Forest, Mt. Shiveer, Kimbara Outback, Crystal Sands, Appondale and The Lost Temple of Zios. If any other cats trespass on our territory, prepare to challenge them.

Serapia Forest

We use this land to hunt for our prey. Since it's a dense forest, the prey is plentiful there, although it does decrease when leaf-bare arrives. This is the most important land to us due to the prey.

The Lost Temple of Zios

This is the land we use for training apprentices. Because it is a clearing, it is a great place for apprentices to practice their fighting skills.

Kimbara Outback

This is another great place to mentor apprentices. Even though there isn't much prey here, it is still a good place to hunt for mice and other rodents.

Mount. Shiveer

Mount. Shiveer is a great place to hunt for animals that spend most of their time in the snow. It is less likely for twolegs to come up to the mountains, therefore Mount. Shiveer is a fantastic place to stay away from twolegs.

Crystal Sands

This is where most of the fish is hunted. Apprentices are taught how to hunt underwater prey here and it is also a wonderful place for them to practice their skills due to the soft, sandy floor.


This barren landscape is perfect for training apprentices and hunting rodents. Various different animals call this land their home, therefore, it is very plentiful when it comes to prey.

Jamaa Township

Jamaa Township is Twolegplace. Twolegplace must be avoided at all costs as twolegs may cause us harm.