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Welcome to ThistleClan's Rule Page! Here, you will find a list of rules that have been established in ThistleClan's early days. Not following these rules will result in a punishment, the worst being exile or death. Although we don't have a list dedicated only to punishments, every rule will have possible punishments underneath it. Here is the list of rules:


Double-clanning is a huge offense in our Clan. This rule is incredibly strict as your loyalty must lie in ThistleClan. Double-clanning will show poor devotion to your Clan. If you are found to be double-clanning without a proper explanation, here are the possible punishments:
Exile (temporary or permanent)
Death (less likely)


Powerplay takes the fun out of roleplay for everyone. It is strictly prohibited to use the phrases "NN", "NM", or "ND". Power-playing will result in the following:

Last to get food from the fresh-kill pile for a quarter-moon


Be realistic during roleplay sessions. Although we do allow some unnatural actions like smiling  and crying, your cat cannot set the entire camp on fire with his/her eyes. Just do what a normal cat would do because that's what we're roleplaying as: cats. Being unrealistic will result in:

A warning

♛Be Serious♛

During roleplay sessions, you are required to be serious, meaning no horse-play. Phrases such as "XD", "o3o", "e.e", "o.o", and ":)" are prohibited. If you are not at a serious roleplay session and you're only with one to two people, then this rule may be ignored at your own risk. If you are fooling around during a serious roleplay session will result in:

Humiliation in front of the entire Clan


'Don't be a drama queen. It can be incredibly annoying when someone is always trying to be the center of attention. The only times when drama is allowed are when an OC is dying or there is a battle/attack. If you are causing excess drama in the wrong times, here are the punishments:

A scratch on the shoulder


It is vital to respect higher ranks such as leaders, deputies, and medicine cats. Please keep in mind that some cats have worked hard for their ranks, and disrespecting them would be simply childish. Disrespecting superior cats will result in:

One ear torn off

'♛Be Active'

To be a member of ThistleClan, you must be active on both Animal Jam and Wikia. If you are unable to come online for a week or more, please inform the leader. Otherwise, the punishment will be:



A warning is given when you break a minor rule. If you get three warnings, you will be punished. The punishments will vary according to the severity of the rule you have broken.

Have we forgotten any rules? Comment your ideas for new rules!