Welcome to ThistleClan's Roleplay Attire Page! Here, you will learn about all of the items you are allowed to wear during serious roleplay sessions. If you are found wearing banned clothing items, you will get a warning.

Accepted Clothing

This can work for both members and non-members.

Extra Note: Although it is allowed, we would prefer that you do not use pink variants of these items (apart from the flower-related items).


Neck Body Tail Paws
Fox Hat Leaf Necklace Elf Armor Elf Tail Armor Elf Bracelets
Raccoon Hat Spiked Collar Spartan Armor


Leaf Bracelets
Flower Crown Lei Bow and Arrows - -
Skull Helmet - Pirate Sword - -
- - Worn Blanket - -

Did we forget something? Put your ideas for our attire in the comments!

Accepted Pelt and Eye Colors

Accepted Pelt

These are the accepted pelt colors. Although some colors may be slightly unnatural (like the blues and reds), they are still allowed. Please stick to these colors when making your OCs (Original Characters) or you will get a warning. If you have any suggestions for additional colors, please comment down below with a reason.

Eye Colors

These are the accepted eye colors. As you can see, they are much less strict than the pelt colors. Unnatural colors such as pinks and purples have been taken out due to obvious reasons. If your OC is blind by any chance, feel free to use the white and grey colors for your eyes. As with the pelt colors, if you have any suggestions for additional colors, please comment down below with a reason.

Accepted Patterns

The only banned pattern is the heart pattern. Every other pattern is allowed, but whether or not we will allow moon and leaf patterns will be discussed.

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