Welcome to ThistleClan's Rank Page! Here, you will find a list of all of the ranks and how to obtain them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.


The leaders are the most respected cats in the Clan. They have proved themselves as strong and loyal cats, therefore they have recieved their rank. It is the leaders' job to lead the Clan and make important decisions. ThistleClan will be accepting three leaders at a time.


These cats are next in line to become leaders. They have worked hard to earn their rank and have proved to be worthy of soon claiming the leader status. They usually help the leader organize patrols and do other jobs. ThistleClan will be accepting three deputies at a time.

'♛Medicine Cat'Edit

Medicine cats are in charge of protecting the Clan from disease and injury. They heal sick and injured cats and they are the closest to StarClan out of the entire Clan. Medicine cats have devoted their lives to learning about herbs and healing others.


Warriors are taught to fight and protect their Clan. This is the basic rank you need to get higher ranks such as deputy and leader. Once they are appointed, they must keep a silent vigil for one night. These cats may mentor their own apprentices as well.


Apprentices are mentored by warriors or medicine cats to recieve higher ranks. If they want to be a warrior, they must learn how to hunt and fight. If they want to become a medicine cat, they must learn all there is to know about herbs and healing. Apprentices are expected to do different jobs in the Clan, such as replace the elders' bedding and check them for ticks.


Kits are the youngest and newest members of the Clan. They must always stay in the camp with their mothers. Kits will be able to become apprentices once they are six moons old.


Queens are she-cats with kits. They must stay in the nursery to raise their kits until they are old enough to become warrior or medicine cat apprentices.