Welcome to ThistleClan's Correct Advanced Vocabulary Page! Here, you will find accurate anatomy and other things to use during roleplay sessions.
Orange- Ginger, Tangerine, Apricot
Brown- Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Tawny, Ecru, Auburn, Ochre, Hazel
White- Blanched, Ivory, Alabaster, Argentine
Red- Vermilion, Russet (not fully red, has a brown-ish tint), Crimson, Sanguine, Cerise, Cardinal, Maroon, Scarlet
Yellow- Canary, Bisque
Green- Emerald, Beryl, Verdant/Verde
Purple-Viloaceous, Amethyst, Mauve
Blue- Azure, Livid, Cyan, Indigo, Marine, Sapphire, Cerulean
Physical Traits
Ragged- Tattered, Disheveled
Skinny- Slender, Lanky, Lean
Beautiful- Pulchritudinous, Alluring, Exquisite, Enchanting, Captivating
Handsome- Virile
Lush- Satin, Luscious
Overweight- Stout, Portly, Buxom
Small- Diminutive, Petite, Compact
Big- Monumental, Colossal 
Strong- Robust, Stalwart, Herculean
Intimidating- Daunting, Redoubtable
Sharp- Serrated
Rough- Asperous
Fluffy- Fluccuose
Bright- Vivid, Radiant
Happy- Ecstatic, Elevated, Jubilant, Joyous
Aggresive- Bellicose, Barbaric
Angry- Riled, Bitter, Antagonized
Sad- Dismal, Melancholy
Brave- Reckless, Interpid, Audacious
Kind- Affectionate, Amiable
Suspicious- Dubious, Skeptical
Evil- Malicious, Nefarious
Dark- Somber, Cimmerian