Welcome to ThistleClan's Blessed Stones Page! Blessed Stones is a tradition in ThistleClan that shows kindness and bravery among our members. Here, you will learn all about the Blessed Stones.

Getting a Blessed Stone
Our territory covers many lands, some of which contain a river or lake. Most of the time, stones will be found in and along the edges of various water sources. Once you are apprenticed, you must go with your new mentor to a lake or river of your choice. There, you will locate a rock (that you are able to carry in your jaws). The rock you pick will now be your Blessed Stone.
What to do With a Blessed Stone
If you have a Blessed Stone, you must show any forms of bravery or kindness. If you are seen doing so, the leader will take you and your Blessed Stones to the medicine den. There, the medicine cat will take a flower and rub it on the Stone to produce a dye. Although there are many colors of dye you can get, they all have different difficulties and ways to earn them. Here is a list of the colors (in order of difficulty to obtain):
Yellow: If you are found showing kindess and acceptance to your Clan members, your Blessed Stone will be given a yellow marking.
Pink: In the case of a battle, protecting other ThistleClan members will be resulted in a pink marking once the battle is resolved.
Purple: In any case, if you are seen risking your life for the safety and well-being of your Clanmates, you will be given a purple marking.
What's the Point of a Blessed Stone?
Blessed Stones are a great way to achieve acceptance and kindness from you Clanmates. Although this is already a great thing, there's another thing Blessed Stones can give you. Depending on how many markings your Stone has been given, you will get a chance to be promoted to higher ranks. If you are promoted using this system, once you get your new rank, you will obtain a new Blessed Stone, while you throw your original one into the river for good luck.