Welcome to ThistleClan's Alliegances Page! Here, you will find a list of our members, their amount of Blessed Stone Markings, and their ranks.

Leaders (1/3)

Name Username Description Age Lives Mate
Mistystar Butterflybee

Beautiful silver tabby


with azure eyes

20 moons 8/9 N/A

Deputies (2/3)

Name Username Description Age Mate
Greenwillow s8678 A lean and lithe silver and white

tabby she-cat with a light grey

underbelly, a dark tail tip

and ears, as well as intelligent

pale green eyes.

18 Moons N/A

Medicine Cats

None. Feel free to leave an application for this rank here.

Warriors (5/infinite)

Name Username Description Age Mate
Crimsonclaw Riverclawe Jet-black she-cat

with silver eyes

26 moons N/A
Mudfur sofaloaf26 Black she-cat with

white underbelly

and brown patches

12 moons N/A
Sugartail Jatter White tom with a

walnut brown underbelly,

tawny patches, and

greenish-blue eyes

12 moons N/A
Sandclaw lukin15 A banana-yellow she-cat

with a white underbelly

and green eyes

12 moons N/A
Mapleleaf freddychicabonnie87 A walnut brown she-cat with a lighter underbelly and dark eyes N/A N/A

Apprentices (4/infinite)

Name Username Description Age Mentor
Turtlepaw Peaches5050 A light brown she-cat

with a lighter underbelly

and dark blue eyes

10 moons N/A
Darkpaw Awesomeness3334 A jet-black tom with

an ashen underbelly and

striking green eyes

8 moons Crimsonclaw
Riverpaw Caroconn A gray tom with a blue-gray


10 moons Mistystar

Kits (4/infinite)

Name Username Description Age Queen
Willowkit Starrycookie A she-kit with a tan pelt

with light brown patches and

luminous yellow eyes.

3 moons N/A
Nightkit beaniehutini138 A small, jet-black she-kit with

azure eyes

1 moon N/A
Ivykit bunnydancer1 A big she-kit with a brown pelt and ivy-colored eyes 1


Oakkit koalafriend3 A small she-kit with brown fur and darker furred patches with yellow eyes 1



Queens (1/infinite)

Name Username Description Age Kit(s) Mate
Eclipse penguinlover179

A walnut-brown she-cat

with golden eyes

32 moons




(Died from a rogue)